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Our House, 150 Years of History

The elaboration of Champagne Lecomte began in 1859 with Gaston Lecomte.At the time, Gaston marketed several bottles of its production.

In the 1960s, it was Gaston's son, Serge, who took the reins of the farm with his wife Suzy. At two, they have prospered in the commerce of Champagne by selling their entire production to individuals.

Since 1992, Dosythée Lecomte, the son of Serge, working on the farm with his wife, Ghislaine, winemaker also by expanding their production, the sales have since doubled.

Today, their two sons Jérémy and Fréderic work daily on the farm, from the work of the vine to the selling of the Champagne. Champagne Lecomte Père et Fils is, first of all, a family story and knowledge passed from generation to generation.

Respectful of tradition, the Champagne Lecomte Père et Fils has chosen to modernize its exploitation to offer, between excellence and exigency, his love of champagne while cultivating a certain amount of mystery

Excessive drinking is dangerous for the health, please consume in moderation.

Winegrower Épernay
Winegrower Paris

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